Andre Smith speaks to seniors in the 20th Ward.

Andre Smith envisions a 20th Ward where equity and inclusion are the guiding principles—a ward where no matter who you are, no matter where you live, whom you love, or the God you worship, we all recognize what connects us and commit ourselves to a better 20th Ward where everyone matters. Andre Smith is committed to making this vision a reality. 


Andre Smith along with community activists fight for better tenant conditions at City Hall.

This election comes down to one of two choices:

(1) A continuation of the status quo with deep divisions that obscure our shared goals and leave us angry and without a unifying vision.  

(2) A change in course in which we seize the moment, realize opportunities and come together with a sense of purpose. 

Choose option #2 by voting for Andre Smith. Join his campaign and together we can guide our Ward on a new progressive course. Andre Smith will bring Chicago’s best and brightest together to revitalize neighborhoods, uplift our neighborhood schools, reduce community flight, tackle violence and improve commercial corridors in our communities which have left behind disparities in our economic development.



 Throughout Chicago, people feel the effects of an “us versus them” style of governance. Investing here, and not there; providing advantages to some, but not others; listening to a few, but ignoring far too many. That mentality will end the day Andre Smith is sworn in as the next 20th Ward Alderman.  

Andre Smith will continue to listen to the needs of the people. He will continue to be a visible presence in every neighborhood and work with residents, business owners and community leaders within our ward. He is committed to bringing economic development to the benefit of long-term residents. 

Leading the charge and prioritizing our concerns is the only way to ensure our investments reflect the needs of our community. 



During these challenging times,  our veterans have felt mistreated after fighting for our country to make America a safer place to live. Some vets are faced with homelessness and mental health challenges as they struggle to survive in our society. Additional access in the 20th Ward should be our goal for those in need of affordable housing, access to mental health and substance abuse services, job training and employment opportunities for a better quality of life. 



The answers to community safety do not all lie with law enforcement. We must confront hard truths about the core causes of violence such as deep poverty, systematic unemployment, lack of economic development, affordable housing displacement. We must also address the absence of quality schools, recreational centers, mental health facilities, and full-service grocery stores. Fixing these contributing factors all serve to help lead our communy to stable and safe neighborhoods.


Pictured l-r: Democratic candidate for Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi and Andre Smith

Within our ward, property taxes are steadily climbing and low-income residents are pushed further outside of the city limits. Andre Smith will continue to fight for tenants' rights against slum landlords to provide better living conditions. 

As your next alderman, Andre will speak on your behalf to work with developers, property owners and city resources to provide quality, affordable housing and a clean environment. 

Our goal is to create a plan to utilize empty schools and abandoned lots for community use to grow gardens and provide a safe innovation center for residents.